Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sources for Tent Poles

Since this Blog is over 10 years old, I am updating my information about adjustable height tent poles. Adjustable height tent poles are also known as telescoping tent poles. Some tent poles adjust to taller lengths than others. For example, an Airstream would need the longer length of 8'or longer, where a tiny trailer would get by with a 7' adjustable height tent pole. 

Some sources are Cabella's, Eureka, TexSport, Coleman.

Adjustable height tent poles come in different diameters, styles, prices, materials, and locking mechanisms. Stainless Steel or Aluminum? Stainless steel requires some maintenance, after a heavy rain or if in a humid environment. Before storing away, take the sections apart and wipe off moisture, then store separated, or surface rust may become an issue. Aluminum adjustable height tent poles do not rust. The best diameter of pole, will depend on the size of awning they support and if you plan to camp in windy, rainy weather.When we first started camping, with a 9' awning, on a 13' trailer,we used SS poles which extended to 7', but always kept a replacement adjustable height tent pole available. The narrowest section of the pole, did get a bend in it, but we camp in inclement weather. With our 15' awning on an Avion, we soon realized that  we needed a wider diameter pole, in a longer length. Also, when you find yourself on an un-level campsite, a longer length tent pole can save the day.
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