What Supplies Are Needed To Set Up A Vintage Trailer Rope and Pole Awning?

 Having your supplies ready ahead of time, will make vintage awning set up easier and quicker.

To set up a rope and pole vintage trailer awning, you will need to have the following supplies readily available:
1) Adjustable height tent poles extended
2) Heavy Duty tent stakes set out
3) Tie-Down lines
4) Tension adjusters for lines
5) Scissors or a knife for cutting line

Image of Vintage Trailer Awning tie-down line with a spring and pulley dfoster@bellsouth.net
6) A hammer to pound in tent stakes
7) A step ladder, to reach the awning rail on taller campers
Optional, but highly recommended for windy weather:
8) Medium weight spring for each  tie-down line.
9) Small pulley for each tie-down line
10) Metal Washer for each tie down line instead of a loop knot

Setting up a vintage trailer awning, for the first time, can be a daunting task!
I would suggest making your tie-down lines ahead of time, especially if you will be adding a spring, pulley, tension adjuster and washer. Just forming the necessary knots is challenging enough! So you may need to read up on how to form different types of knots. Lay everything out, about 8' directly in front of each grommet , so that the adjustable height tent pole, tie-down line, tent stake and hammer are all within easy reach.
There is a learning curve, so try not to get frustrated.

contact:  dfoster@bellsouth.net