Slide the Awning Welt Through Your Vintage Trailer Awning C-Channel Awning Rail Smoothly

  Although some customers prefer to have a retro style fabric covered pull cord sewn into their custom vintage trailer awning, most customers request the PVC vinyl welt that slides into a c-channel awning rail with a 3/8" diameter opening on the end.
 If the PVC vinyl welt, on your vintage trailer awning, will not glide through your c-channel awning rail smoothly, try applying some Blaster Dry Lubricant to the welt. Spray the lubricant onto a paper towel first, then apply along the welt. Be sure to clean out the c-channel awning rail on your vintage camper on a regular basis. You will be surprised how much dirt gets in there, preventing the awning welt from sliding along smoothly! Emergency use of soft soap, on the awning welt, will work while camping, if you didn't come prepared with Blaster dry lubricant. Be sure to wash out your rail when you get home though! You will be amazed what a difference a lubricant will make, for an easier awning set up. To prevent the problem initially, you can also use awning rail lubricant inside the awning rail. Blaster Dry Lubricant is available at Ace Hardware, True Value, and Home Depot to mention a few stores.
 Before sliding on either type of trailer awning, always be sure to clean any dirt and debris out of your awning rail c-channel, plus make sure that there are no sharp edges or kinked spots in the awning rail. I found that a test tube brush works nicely for cleaning out the c-channel. We have found, dirt, nuts, small twigs, and leaves in ours vintage trailer awning rail after sitting up for the winter.   

Marine Grade Awning Cord and PVC Awning Welt