How To Measure A Vintage Trailer's Awning Rail Length for a Vintage Trailer Awning

How to measure the length of your vintage trailer's c-channel awning rail for an awning:
1.) If you have a vintage trailer with a curved roof-line, measure the most level section of the awning rail not, including where it curves sharply downward on the rounded ends of the rail.
2.) If you have a Shasta with wings, measure along the awning rail from above the wing forward to above the front side-marker light.
3.)If your vintage trailer has a flat roof-line, measure the straight portion of the awning rail, not including the rain gutters that may extend off the ends of the c-channel.
4.) If you have a vintage Airstream travel trailer, the awning rail length will be approximately 10 feet shorter than the over-all length of the trailer. The awning rail is located between the front and back segmented end caps.
5)Also, measure the diameter of the c-channel awning rail. Most vintage trailers have a 3/8" diameter c-channel. The awnings that I make are designed to slide into a c-channel with a 3/8" diameter.(Measure from one side to the other, of the circular opening on the end of the awning rail for the diameter.)

6) If unsure, you may send a picture of your vintage trailer for guidance on measuring for the appropriate sized awning.

Image of vintage trailer awning with a pull cord inside of a c-channel awning rail



Image of vintage trailer awning with the vinyl welt inside of a c-channel awning rail

Are you unsure what an awning rail looks like on a vintage trailer? It will look like an aluminum tube with a slit it's entire length. It can be located several inches above the door or along the roof-line of the trailer. If your awning rail is very close to where the door swings forward, you may need to purchase an awning saver door roller.

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