How Far Should A Vintage Trailer Awning Extend Out From The Trailer

Often, customers ask how far a vintage trailer awning should extend outward from the vintage trailer. The most common answer to this question is: The vintage camper awning should extend out approximately eight feet from the trailer. However small vintage trailers, with awning rails under eight feet in length, are made more proportionately. 
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Most of the vintage trailer awnings that I make, extend out from the vintage trailer 8 or 9 feet. With very small vintage trailers, the dimensions will be more proportionate with the length of the awning rail. Many of the campsites in the Southeast have designated pads for trailers, leaving very little room for awnings to extend outward, without the tie-down lines ending up in a neighboring campsite or other undesirable place. There are trees, grills, lantern poles, drop offs, platforms with railings, and concrete picnic tables restricting where the awning can be staked out. I have also found that it is much easier to sweep off your awning and hose it down before departing, when it doesn't reach the ground from the awning rail. Actually, a vintage trailer awning that extends out shorter than the height of the awning rail, can be folded as it is removed from the rail, without even dragging in the dirt. So of course, depending on where you regularly camp will determine how far you want the awning to extend from your vintage trailer.
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