Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric Selection For Fall

It is already time to start planning ahead for a vintage trailer awning for Fall of 2012.  I am just starting to get in some new patterns. The Spring 2012 marine grade awning fabric has limited quantities left, so just inquire if you see a pattern that you would like for an awning.I will measure to see if there is enough
 material left.
Spring 2013 Vintage Trailer Awning fabric has been ordered. Watch for the January 2013 post with pictures of the rolls. Coming soon!

New Pattern Available
New Pattern Available

Available SOLD OUT


Update:To view Spring 2012 Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric for a custom made rope and pole awning click on

4854 Coastal Herbal SOLD
4856 Colonnade Juniper SOLD
4924 Alpine Terracotta Classic SOLD
4928 Beaufort Alpine Beige
4945 Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe SOLD            
4963 Forest Green RegimentalSOLD
4971 Lankford Woodland SOLD
Pacific Blue/Natural 60"wide fabric SOLD
7514 Boston Taupe- Dickson Fabric SOLD
4905 Burgundy Transitional

You can reserve your favorite vintage trailer awning fabric pattern from my inventory and a place in line, with a PayPal payment. Fall is a great time to go camping, so plan ahead for a vintage trailer awning to take along .

Boston Taupe SOLD, Alpine Terracotta Classic SOLD, Alpine Beige, Forest Green Regimenta SOLDl, Lankford Woodland SOLD

Sunbrella 4924 Alpine Terra Cotta SOLD

Forest Green Regimental SOLD, Lankford Woodland SOLD, Colonnade Juniper SOLD, Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe SOLD,
Pacific Blue/Natural SOLD

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Airstream Club TAC at Roosevelt State Park Georgia 2011

Pictures from the Memorial Day weekend gathering at the TAC rally in Roosevelt State Park  in Georgia.  Nearby was the Pine Mountain Animal Safari, which was a fun destination for several families from the rally.   Callaway Gardens was also close by but being Memorial Day  weekend they had  Special Event gate entrance pricing due to the water skiing competition. For those of us who just wanted to enjoy the gardens, the bike paths, or the beach this was a pricey deterrent.
 At the campground, we created our own sources of entertainment. Several nights movies were projected on the side of an Airstream for the kids, or for those who are just young at heart. Artistically chalked in the road was a Free Movies sign with an arrow directing everyone to the campsite. A friendly neighbor camper even donated a  large bag of huge marshmallows for toasting around the campfire. At 5:30 PM daily, appetizers were shared at  the Pavilion for social time. The vintage trailer group joined forces several mornings for waffles, pancakes, bacon, fruit salad, coffee, juice and sweet rolls. I believe everyone was constantly amused by the antics of all the pets in attendance. The children were catching insects and frogs, gathering blue berries, finding bats nesting in the rafters of the pavilion, riding bikes and scooters with endless energy. It was also a relaxing time for book reading and water coloring for some, while others went on strenuous hikes or biking adventures. I believe everybody attending the rally would agree that it was a wonderful time and that we should plan to get together again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Garden Adventure - A Bunny Story for Easter

"Big brother, lead the way!" she called out joyfully, "I want to explore." "Oh no!" timid Sammy cried, "I will stay right here where it is safe and secure." "But I need you to go with me," she pleaded. "You are older, larger and stronger than me. Please venture out into the yard so we can see what is growing out there,"she begged. "I will stay right beside you always, so please do not be afraid,"encouraged Schnoodle. With much trepidation, Sammy relented to her endless pleading. Out from their snug nest under the Hydrangea bush the bunnies hopped. Off they went, side by side, to expand their horizons.

Awning Lady

"Rumor has it; that the awning lady is here, this weekend, for the Misty River Vintage Trailer Rally. Has anyone seen her yet?"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Springstream in the North Georgia Mountains Poem

 Enjoy this Poem written by Sandlapper from the Airstream Forum:

Twas the week before Springstream and all through the South,
All the Streams sat ready, parked by the house.
Polished and shining, many quite rare,
Ready to roll to the Georgia Mountain fair.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vintage Trailer Awning


Dated 2011: I have just begun to publish this new blog site entitled Vintage Trailer Awning. So please refer to   my original Vintage Awnings blog, while this one is being established. 

Update 2022: Wow, this post is 10 years old. I haven't seen some of these marine grade awning fabric patterns in years. Over the years, I have made hundreds of Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi. I continue to use Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric for constructing vintage trailer awnings. As my own vintage trailer awning is over 10 years old now and still in service, I imagine all of the awnings, made from these patterns are still being used as well. Sunbrella has an expected 10 years before showing signs of fading or leaking, so it may be time to be considering a new Vintage Trailer Awning by Kristi.

Contact Information:, contact seller dlf1954 on eBay, Private message on my Facebook page


Beaufort Classic Sold, Cordell Cypress Sold Burgundy SoldPeriwinkle Blue/Grey Sold
Looks like it's time to buy more vintage trailer awning fabric!

Plum Fancy sold 6-14-11, Blended Green Tailored Bar Stripe SOLD, Forest Green/Natural SoldCordell Redwood Sold, Teal/ Natural one left SOLD
Feel free to contact me at  with your vintage trailer awning questions.
I just made a bulk purchase of vintage trailer awning fabric for Fall. Here are the pattern numbers:
4854 Coastal Herbal SOLD
4856 Clonnade Juniper SOLD
4924 Alpine Terracotta Classic SOLD
4928 Beaufort Alpine Beige
4945 Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe SOLD
4971 Lankford Woodland SOLD
4963 Forest Green Regimental
7514 Boston Taupe-Dickson Fabric SOLD
Pacific Blue Natural 60" Fabric SOLD
4905 Burgundy Transitional

A PayPal payment reserves your favorite fabric selection from my inventory and a place in line for a Fall vintage trailer awning.