Saturday, February 7, 2015

2015 Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric Has Arrived

I recently purchased a load of Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric roll ends. Many of the rolls, only have enough fabric for small 6' to 7 1/2' rail length trailer awnings. So, if you have a small vintage camper, you are in luck. Or if you just want a little Weekender Awning, when you don't feel like putting up your big vintage trailer awning. with your awning rail length.

There also were some patterns with yardage for approximately  10' x 8' awnings. If you need a medium sized vintage trailer awning, the following Sunbrella patterns are available:

Besides this great find of Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric, I also have 20 yards of Aqua/White Waterproof, UV protected lighter weight fabric.
The Orange/Natural already sold out, but I have enough Royal/White for approximately a 10' x 8' awning.

Contact: with your awning rail length. Thanks,Kristi

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gradually Updating My Vintage Trailer Awning Blog

The unexpected polar blast in Georgia, has given me a little extra time to update my Blog.
I was planning to start back to work this week, however with temperatures in the single digits my basement workshop feels like a refrigerator! I have rolls of marine grade Sattler fabric, that arrived just prior to my closing shop for the holidays, that are still wrapped in plastic. Be sure, when inquiring about an awning,  to include the length of your awning rail and a color scheme. I will then be able to email updated pictures of patterns that are available. email me at .  My fabric selections are continually changing throughout the year, so I may have patterns not seen on my blog yet. If you have a trailer with a very curved roofline, email a picture and I will offer advice on how to measure the most level section of your awning rail for a vintage trailer awning. 

Link to my long standing Google profile:

Here are a few images of fabric patterns available for 2014 Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

Monday, January 28, 2013

Facebook Pages Dedicated to Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi

I have been diligently working on two Facebook pages dedicated to providing you with up to date Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi information.
 My new small business page: provides simple instructions, and currently available marine grade awning fabric patterns, for ordering a custom Vintage Trailer Awning. to receive updated feeds about Vintage Trailer Awnings and other related topics such as; vintage trailer rallies, adjustable height tent poles, links to  vintage trailer Forums, and campgrounds. Let me know if you LIKE what I have posted on my facebook Status bar.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The 2013 Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric Is Now Here

Marine Grade Awning Fabric for a New Custom Made Vintage Trailer Awning
I just picked up my Spring 2013 Marine Grade Awning Fabric today.I was able to find some of the classics, that I have purchased in the past such as Teal/Natural and Pacific Blue/Natural. I also purchased some neutral colors, such as shades of beige, tan, brown, plus
some green. I still have Yellow/White left over from my Fall purchase as well.

Spring 2013 Fabric Patterns for a Custom Vintage Trailer Awning by Kristi
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Very Basic, No Frills, Bare Bones, Vintage Trailer Awnings

I have been going through my end of the year marine grade fabric inventory. When I find a fabric remnant big enough for a small, simple, vintage trailer awning, I turn it into a very basic, no frills, bare bones, awning. I thought some campers might like an economical alternative to my more structured rope and pole awnings. Pictured are a few examples of my basically designed vintage camper awnings that sell for $100.00 including priority USPS mail shipping in the USA.

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7' x 5' Basic Style Vintage Trailer Awning SOLD

7 1/2' x 5' Basic Style Vintage Trailer Awning SOLD
6' x 5' Basic Style Rope and Pole Awning
Starting bid on eBay $100.00 including USA shipping
Vintage Trailer Awning by Kristi
This awning has facings on the underside for added structure and
 reinforcement for the grommets SOLD
5' x 5' Small Basic Style Vintage Trailer Awning with Valances on three sides
7' x 5' Ashburn Burgundy for sale on eBay $135.00 including shipping in USA
seller dlf1954

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sources for Tent Poles

Just a quick update to let you know some sources for adjustable height tent poles. Tent poles for your vintage trailer, rope and pole awning, can be ordered online at Wal-Mart, Sears, Bass Pro Shop, Amazon, and Cabela's. If you have a retail store near you, shipping is free to the store for pick up. If not, check out for home delivery.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Images of Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric That Will Be Arriving Soon

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting some different patterns of yellow vintage trailer awning fabric, for your canned ham awning, take notice! How about all of you who have been requesting light green fabric for your vintage camper awning, take a look! Well, you are in luck! I finally have found some discontinued, Marine Grade, 47" wide, Sunbrella/Dickson patterns in your favorite colors. They were just ordered today, so I will be expecting arrival in a week or so. Contact me at for custom vintage trailer awning orders.

 Update: My 2013 Spring vintage trailer awning fabric is arriving in mid January. Watch for a 1- 22-13 Blog post with pictures of the new patterns available. My new facebook pages are: (LIKE) (FOLLOW) 

only enough for a small awning is left

Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out


Sold Out

Burgundy Transitional is still available

Linen/Navy/Lemon Fancy

Taupe 5 Bar is still available

sold out

Outdura Marine Grade Awning Fabric
is still available SOLD OUT
enough for 8' x 8' available SOLD OUT

Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Roll of Awning Fabric Has Arrived for the 2012 Vintage Trailer Awning Season

Sunbrella 5003 Linen /Navy/ Lemon/ Fancy for a custom vintage trailer awning is now SOLD OUT

The first roll of awning  fabric has arrived, for my Spring 2012 selection of Sunbrella Marine Grade Awning Fabric. If you have been waiting for this blue and yellow color scheme for your vintage trailer awning,contact me at Go to  to see the awnings that I have posted for sale priced at $195.00 including shipping in the continental USA.
2013 Fabric is now available for custom vintage trailer awning orders. Visit my new Facebook pages: (LIKE) (FOLLOW)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tear Jerkers Gathering at Devil's Fork Campground

I just figured out how to put a slideshow of pictures together. The pictures are from the Southern Appalachian Chapter of the Tear Jerkers gathering at Devil's Fork campground in Salem, SC. Click on the link above to view.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric Selection For Fall

It is already time to start planning ahead for a vintage trailer awning for Fall of 2012.  I am just starting to get in some new patterns. The Spring 2012 marine grade awning fabric has limited quantities left, so just inquire if you see a pattern that you would like for an awning.I will measure to see if there is enough
 material left.
Spring 2013 Vintage Trailer Awning fabric has been ordered. Watch for the January 2013 post with pictures of the rolls. Coming soon!

New Pattern Available
New Pattern Available

Available SOLD OUT


Update:To view Spring 2012 Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric for a custom made rope and pole awning click on

4854 Coastal Herbal SOLD
4856 Colonnade Juniper SOLD
4924 Alpine Terracotta Classic SOLD
4928 Beaufort Alpine Beige
4945 Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe SOLD            
4963 Forest Green RegimentalSOLD
4971 Lankford Woodland SOLD
Pacific Blue/Natural 60"wide fabric SOLD
7514 Boston Taupe- Dickson Fabric SOLD
4905 Burgundy Transitional

You can reserve your favorite vintage trailer awning fabric pattern from my inventory and a place in line, with a PayPal payment. Fall is a great time to go camping, so plan ahead for a vintage trailer awning to take along .

Boston Taupe SOLD, Alpine Terracotta Classic SOLD, Alpine Beige, Forest Green Regimenta SOLDl, Lankford Woodland SOLD

Sunbrella 4924 Alpine Terra Cotta SOLD

Forest Green Regimental SOLD, Lankford Woodland SOLD, Colonnade Juniper SOLD, Taupe Tailored Bar Stripe SOLD,
Pacific Blue/Natural SOLD