Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Very Basic, No Frills, Bare Bones, Vintage Trailer Awnings


  Updating this post in 2022.

This post is nearly ten years old, which means I have been making Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi for over a decade. Obviously, over the years the prices have changed, and the marine grade awning fabric patterns have changed. However, I have not compromised on quality, and use Sunbrella marine grade awning fabric, with an expected 10 years before showing signs of fading or leaking, and provides a high UV protection value.

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Going through different Seasons Of Life with my elderly parents. So, I am right back to the beginning, selling inventory awnings on eBay, when sewing time allows.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sources for Tent Poles

Since this Blog is over 10 years old, I am updating my information about adjustable height tent poles. Adjustable height tent poles are also known as telescoping tent poles. Some tent poles adjust to taller lengths than others. For example, an Airstream would need the longer length of 8'or longer, where a tiny trailer would get by with a 7' adjustable height tent pole. 

Some sources are Cabella's, Eureka, TexSport, Coleman.

Adjustable height tent poles come in different diameters, styles, prices, materials, and locking mechanisms. Stainless Steel or Aluminum? Stainless steel requires some maintenance, after a heavy rain or if in a humid environment. Before storing away, take the sections apart and wipe off moisture, then store separated, or surface rust may become an issue. Aluminum adjustable height tent poles do not rust. The best diameter of pole, will depend on the size of awning they support and if you plan to camp in windy, rainy weather.When we first started camping, with a 9' awning, on a 13' trailer,we used SS poles which extended to 7', but always kept a replacement adjustable height tent pole available. The narrowest section of the pole, did get a bend in it, but we camp in inclement weather. With our 15' awning on an Avion, we soon realized that  we needed a wider diameter pole, in a longer length. Also, when you find yourself on an un-level campsite, a longer length tent pole can save the day.
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Images of Vintage Trailer Awning Fabric That Will Be Arriving Soon



 Updated Post in 2022 to Show What was made out of some of the fabric which arrived in 2012 and 2013.

 For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting some different patterns of yellow vintage trailer awning fabric, for your canned ham awning, take notice! How about all of you who have been requesting light green fabric for your vintage camper awning, take a look! Well, you are in luck! I finally have found some discontinued, Marine Grade, 47" wide, Sunbrella/Dickson patterns in your favorite colors. They were just ordered today, so I will be expecting arrival in a week or so. Contact me at for custom vintage trailer awning orders.

 Update: My 2013 Spring vintage trailer awning fabric is arriving in mid January. Watch for a 1- 22-13 Blog post with pictures of the new patterns available. My new facebook pages are: (LIKE) (FOLLOW) 

  2022 UPDATE:Sharing Images of different items that the 2013 marine grade awning fabric was sewn into, found in my old photos.

only enough for a small awning is left

Black and White Arched vintage trailer awning

My own personal awning, which is still in use 2022

Image Arched Vintage Trailer Awning

A Rock Guard Awning

Pet Cage cover for travel

Pet Cage Cover

I have used some of my fabric remnants for cat or dog cage covers.

Sold Out

Image Small trailer door awning provides  a speck of shade

Awning boxed and ready to mail

Underside of a vintage trailer Awning by Kristi

Sold Out

This is the Tangerine pattern that I used for my own awning, many years ago


Underside of a vintage trailer awning by Kristi

Used a fabric remnant to make this storage bag
Sold Out


Burgundy Transitional is still available

Linen/Navy/Lemon Fancy

sold out

Outdura Marine Grade Awning Fabric
is still available SOLD OUT
A vendor's cart

Long Narrow Rock Guard  Awning

enough for 8' x 8' available SOLD OUT
Arched Awning being fitted with shock poles

Looks like another Rock Guard Awning

Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Roll of Awning Fabric Has Arrived for the 2012 Vintage Trailer Awning Season

Sunbrella 5003 Linen /Navy/ Lemon/ Fancy for a custom vintage trailer awning is now SOLD OUT

The first roll of awning  fabric has arrived, for my Spring 2012 selection of Sunbrella Marine Grade Awning Fabric. If you have been waiting for this blue and yellow color scheme for your vintage trailer awning,contact me at Go to  to see the awnings that I have posted for sale priced at $195.00 including shipping in the continental USA.
2013 Fabric is now available for custom vintage trailer awning orders. Visit my new Facebook pages: (LIKE) (FOLLOW)