Sunday, April 3, 2022

Arched Vintage Trailer Awning with Shockpoles

 Arched Vintage Trailer Awnings can be made for vintage trailers with straight awning rails, an 8' x 8' is the largest that I make. An Arched vintage trailer awning provides extra height underneath, and incline for rain run-off. Because the arched vintage trailer awning is held taut by the fiberglass shock poles, you can anchor your tie down lines, instead of staking them out tightly with tent stakes. This makes this design suitable for trailer shows, where you need to set up on hard packed soil or concrete. I also make Arched VW Bus Awnings.

Image of Vintage Trailer Awnings by Kristi Arched Awning

Image of a Coleman Steel Tent Stake with a top for attaching a spring to the tie-down line.

Did you know that there are heavy duty tent stakes in longer lengths? I found that during a heavy rain, the upper most level of soil sometimes gets so saturated that the tent stakes let loose. The longer length of tent stake goes deeper into the ground and holds better.

Did you know that marine grade awning fabric is just as vibrant on the underside as the topside?

My personal awning is about 13 years old now, past the 10 years expected before showing signs of fading or leaking.  It has never been treated with anything, only kept clean and never stored away damp. We sweep off the debris, treat discolorations with Dawn dish soap, and several times a year go over it with a hand vacuum and a lint brush.

Image of a pulley and spring attached to a Coleman tent stake, recommended for those who set up their vintage trailer awnings and leave them up in all types of weather

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